Will once again Haghia Sophia (Αγία Σοφία) become a mosque?

Haghia Sofia

the history:  Since the conquer of  Constantinople from Mehmed II in 29 Mai 1453 and until 1935 the Haghia Sofia basilica has been converted to a mosque. That year Atatuk, as part of his drive to secularise Turkey converted it to a Museum. Radical Islamists endeavor to reverse that using the rhetoric “The Hagia Sofia is seen as a symbol of conquest, of Islam’s superiority over Chistinity”. Two other Haghia Sofia churches have already been converted: one in Iznick in 2013 and the second in Trabzon in 2013. Take into consideration, that the Haghia Sofia was the personal property of Mehmet II (the tile deed survives) and in his will decreed that it should remain a mosque “util judgment Day”. Mr Erdogan advisers, so far, dismiss the story as “fantasy”.

the (my) comment: For the time being, at least until the August’s presidential election,  Mr Erdogan plays the card  of the mild approach. At a later time, a debate on the issue is everything but impossible to be launched .

source: The economist