Kidnaped by his father to fight with IS

     ISPranvera Abazi, a kosovar mother of Erion, after a couple of worrisome days regarding the whereabouts of her husband and son, received july. 7. the following message from her husband ” I am in Syria with our son, I will contact you when I will have mobile coverage”. 

     According the UN Council of Human Rights report, published the Aug. 13. the Islamic State (IS), has constructed training camps, in order to recruit children for it’s armed groups, pretending to provide them education. IS created a facebook page untitled “Bring your boys to us”, in witch Erion is pictured smiling among other children of his age under the black IS banner.

     Kosovo authorities are estimating than between a 100 and 200 Kosovo Albanians have joined the rangs of IS in Syria and Iraq, 16 of them have been killed.

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