L’alcool tue lentement

On s’en fout. On n’est pas pressés

Georges Courteline (romancier et dramaturge français) 


L’élegance of time

pp13003  Founded in 1839 by watchmaker Antoine Norbert de Patek (Jean Adrien Philippe joint as partner in 1845) today is on the last family-owned independent Swiss watchmakers. The 100% of Patek Philippe is owned by the Stern family with Thierry Stern (4th generation, succeeded his father in 2009 ) at the helm.

  • it’s revenues are estimated to be $1,2 billion (with a “B”!)
  • a new Patek can start at $25.000
  • holds the record of a watch sold in an auction ($11 million in 1999)
  • production is deliberately limited to 55.000 time-pieces a year (Rolex manufactures 1,4 million)
  • to produce a single dial takes 4 months and requires 150 different processes. It takes 1.200 steps to build a single timepiece. Each one is hand-finished.
  • Queen Victoria owned an enamel-and-diamond pendant model (the first with a keyless winding stem).
  • Pope Pius IX owned several.
  • Leo Tolstoy, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, and Andy Warhol all owned Pateks.
  • Eric Clapton is a collector
  • a perpetual calendar model peeks out from under the cuff of Vladimir Putin (which could explain his perpetual hope of turning the geopolitical clock back to the Soviet era).

source: Fortune mag, No 8/20014