The Five challenges of Carter

According to US defence secretary Ash Carter:

  1. The return of great power competition with :
    • Russian aggression in Europe and
    • China’s rise threatening the stability of the Asia-Pacific region
  2. North Korea as a nuclear-armed rogue state.
  3. The continuing malign intentions of Iran despite the nuclear deal.
  4. The “tumour” of jihadist terrorism, above all in the form of ISIS, “metastasizing” around the world

source : The Economist

3 out of 28

     ewa-kopaczEwa Kopacz is likely to become the next Poland’s Prime Minister replacing Donald Tusk, who will move to Brussels as President of European Council on Dec. 1. Mrs Kopacz at the moment occupies the position of the Marshal of the Sejm (Lower House Speaker). She is also vice chairwoman of the Civic Platform, a liberal-conservative party, leading the ruling coalition in Poland.

    If Ewa ascents to the head of the Polish government, she will join Angela Merkel of Germany and Helle Thorning-Schmidt of Denmark at the European Council (Heads of Government) table. 3 out of 28…We can do better I suppose.

Albania’s arms

     Albania AK_47Following an Albanian government decision, taken in the middle of August, the country will deliver armement to the Kurds fighting the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). On Aug 24. started the delivery of 10.000 Kalashnikov rifles, 22 million of 7,62 mm cartridges, 5.000 grenades and 32.000 pieces of ammunitions for rocket lunchers.

     Albania belongs to a group of States (Albania, Germany, Canada, Croatia and Denmark, Great Britain, France and Italie) that provide arms to the Kurds.



Osman’s guns exports

  • turkish-mkek-rifleTurkey aims to reach $1,6 billion in arms exports in 2014, up 14,3%  from $1,4 billion in 2013.
  • It’s top export markets are the US, Gulf countries and Turkic republics in Central Asia but now targets South America and African Markets
  • African countries during the last decade doubled  their military expenditure (from $21 billions in 2003 to $44,9billions in 2013)
  • Two major Turkish defense companies Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) and Aselsan AS  have risen in the rank of the top 100 Defense Firms. TAI dropped for 85th to 80th while Aselsan from 74th to 60th. Aselsan works on the 65-ton Altay 3rd Generation MBT and TAI produces the T129 attack heli, the Anka MALE UAV and participates in the A400M consortium.


Top Arm-Sales-Woman

280x425DefenceNews magazine recently published the Top 100 defense firms. At the top of the list remains (by far) Lockheed Martin. At the top of the firm reigns a woman: Marillyn Hewson. Chairman, President and CEO, according to Forbes Magazine the  #21 most powerful woman in the world. Unquestionably an “Iron Woman”

Ottoman’s new deals

  • Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan gives a thumbs-up sign from the cockpit of the Turkish Primary and Basic Trainer Aircraft "Hurkus" during a ceremony at the Turkish Aerospace Industries in AnkaraA decision has been finalized for an order  between 100 to 120 F-35s, (5th generation fighter) some of which will replace the fleet of F-4 and F-16 aircraft. The  F-35s will be used in unison with the indigenous TF-X fighter planned for maiden flight in 2023, country’s centennial as a modern republic.
  • Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) will continue its design efforts for Gokturk-3, Turkey’s first indigenous SAR satellite. Turkey launched its first high-resolution reconnaissance satellite, Gokturk-2, to space from China’s Jiuquan launch facility in 2012. Construction of a second satellite by Italy’s Telespazio with even higher capabilities, Gokturk-1, is scheduled for launch in late 2014.
  • New contract negotiations were also awarded to Selah Makine shipyards  for the construction of two logistics support ships,
  • Ares shipyards are to build an undisclosed number of SEAL insertion boats, and MTA to procure two propulsion systems  for the Turkish Navy’s Ada-class (also known as Milgem) corvettes.
  •  Negotiation are in progress with China, regarding it’s HQ-9 missile system in the frame of Turkish strategic T-LORAMIDS high-altitude missile defense system.

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Moldova’s EU aspiration

md_large_locatorthe event :Moldova is to sign an association and free trade pact with the European Union on June 27 in Brussels.

the history: Moldova was part of Romania between the two world wars, after which the Soviet Union annexed it. Most people speak Romanian, although the constitution calls the language Moldovan. Russian remains widely spoken, however. Russian Vice-President Dmitri Rogozin said that if Moldova signs the pact, the Kremlin “will insist on revising economic relations with Moldova”, which is entirely dependent on Russia for gas.

the (my) comment: Will this event ignite a new wave of turbulences in the area?