Baltic arms

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 13.24.14The Russian hawkishness coupled with its announced capability-building (20 trillion rubles /US $ 640 billion rearmament program) has fueled an arms rally in the Baltics.

Sweden launched a major naval upgrade program including the modernization of part of its submarines fleet and the acquisition of two A26-class stealthy subs for 2016-2024. This acquisition will cost about 1 $ billion and another $700 million will be spend for the upgrade of submarine hunter warships. In addition, Sweden is re-establishing permanent air, naval and fast reaction forces on Gotland Island, where it will be stationed Gripen jets, a support helicopter unit, submarine hunter ships and a rapid response Army battalion on the island.

Poland, on the other hand planing on buying 24 Tomahawk missiles from Raytheon, thus becoming the third country to operate these missiles, alongside the US and the UK. This acquisition is included in the country’s naval modernization strategy  with a cost of US $ 240 million per year by 2030.

source : DefenseNews, April 13, 1015

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