US Defbudget restraints. Army Aviation take the lion’s share

  • US def_budgetFrom two major theater wars to several different small units in different continents
  • From 510.000 active duty soldiers and 37 BCTs in 2014 to 420.00 at the end of FY 2017.
  • «I am taking end strength out as fast as I possibly can: 20.000 soldiers a year” according to the Army Chief of Staff General Ray Odierno
  • For command and control a 100- to 120- person HQ for an international or multinational op.
  • Doubling down the presence west of the International Date line.
  • in the next 20 years conduct ops in megacities.
  • Operating in a mega city requires multi dimension (subsurface-cyber-air) warfare.
  • Under Aviation Restructuring Initiative (ARI) the Army National guard would transfer all it’s Apache to the active component/
  • The Army will relinquish to the National Guard all it’s single-rotor helos. The manned-unmanned teaming (MUM-T) will be implemented (close operations of UASs and AH-64E).
  • Due to the sequestration “We’re going to continue to delay programs, so it’s going to take longer to modernize our aircraft: we are going to purchase less aircraft…so it’s going to delay it for 5 or 10 years.

source: IHS Jane’s DW, Oct 8. 14

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