Erdogan’s new sérail

turkish_Palace   Scheduled to be inaugurated at the 91st anniversary of the proclamation of the Turkish republic on the 29th October, the new turkish presidential Palace, fits perfectly the description of an ottoman serail. The 1.000 ultralux room, $350 million edifice, in a neo-seljoukide style extends on 200.000 square meters in the middle of a forest (a real nightmare for the environmentalists!) created by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk  in the outskirts of the turkish capital.  It’s 7 times larger than the white house, 6 times the Palais de l’Élysée, nearly the size of the Kremlin and half the size of the Vatican.

   The palace constitutes one more of Erdogan’s “contributions” to the turkish republic. The third airport of Constantinople  will be named after it’s name. An university and a football stadium bare the name of the president. He is already making provision for his burial, ordering the construction of a giant mosque in Constantinople which ambitions to be visible from all the corners of the city.

   Vanity? megalomania? projection of force? or merely strong political planning?

sources: Le figaro, CNN

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