the apple that moves the world

2560_Flying_Apple     According Apple’s CEO Timothy Cook “with the iphone you have a strong and personal relationship”. He is absolutely right and financial constitute a solid proof. iPhone sales only, are adding 1/4 to 1/3 of a percentage point to the annual growth rate of the US GDP (42  to 52 $billion, with a big “b”!). Apple accounted for about 3,5% of the weighting of Standard & Poor  500 stock index and it’s stock represented 18% of the entire rise of the index this year. And the engine that drives Apple’s Starship is iphone. The cost of building a basic iphone is about $2oo but it’s average retail price is at $603. Over the opening weekend of the introduction of iPhone 6 Apple accepted 10 million orders, added to the 4 million pre-orders.

The “i-” prefix has been established as the modern “midle-to-poor” class status symbol.

Main source: INYT 27 Okt 14

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