The treasures of darkness

 shadow-economyWith this shadowish title The Economist (issue Oct 11.) describes the complexity of the greek issue.

     2 out of 3 Greek workers, either understate their earnings or fail to disclose them. In 2013 an estimated 24% of all economic activity in Greece went undeclared. “Tax moral” is probably the lowest in the EU. Shadow business activity is stagnating the economy but also constitutes a lifeline to many of the unemployed.

    My angle is that this article does not add nothing that is already known. Nevertheless what if ALL start to (honesty) try to pay our (probably unfair) taxes, not out of cohesion but in the frame of a national generated-from-below strategy. Instead of trying to persuade everyone (including and mostly ourselves)  to avoid paying, what if  we try to do the opposite. Turn the (in)famous “movement” of  “I don’t pay” to a “I must pay” initiative.  I suggest we try it just for a couple of months. If it doesn’t work  we can can always return to our beloved  ” j’accuse” across the board. We have tried almost everything else right?

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