Osman’s guns exports

  • turkish-mkek-rifleTurkey aims to reach $1,6 billion in arms exports in 2014, up 14,3%  from $1,4 billion in 2013.
  • It’s top export markets are the US, Gulf countries and Turkic republics in Central Asia but now targets South America and African Markets
  • African countries during the last decade doubled  their military expenditure (from $21 billions in 2003 to $44,9billions in 2013)
  • Two major Turkish defense companies Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) and Aselsan AS  have risen in the rank of the top 100 Defense Firms. TAI dropped for 85th to 80th while Aselsan from 74th to 60th. Aselsan works on the 65-ton Altay 3rd Generation MBT and TAI produces the T129 attack heli, the Anka MALE UAV and participates in the A400M consortium.


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