Ottoman’s new deals

  • Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan gives a thumbs-up sign from the cockpit of the Turkish Primary and Basic Trainer Aircraft "Hurkus" during a ceremony at the Turkish Aerospace Industries in AnkaraA decision has been finalized for an order  between 100 to 120 F-35s, (5th generation fighter) some of which will replace the fleet of F-4 and F-16 aircraft. The  F-35s will be used in unison with the indigenous TF-X fighter planned for maiden flight in 2023, country’s centennial as a modern republic.
  • Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) will continue its design efforts for Gokturk-3, Turkey’s first indigenous SAR satellite. Turkey launched its first high-resolution reconnaissance satellite, Gokturk-2, to space from China’s Jiuquan launch facility in 2012. Construction of a second satellite by Italy’s Telespazio with even higher capabilities, Gokturk-1, is scheduled for launch in late 2014.
  • New contract negotiations were also awarded to Selah Makine shipyards  for the construction of two logistics support ships,
  • Ares shipyards are to build an undisclosed number of SEAL insertion boats, and MTA to procure two propulsion systems  for the Turkish Navy’s Ada-class (also known as Milgem) corvettes.
  •  Negotiation are in progress with China, regarding it’s HQ-9 missile system in the frame of Turkish strategic T-LORAMIDS high-altitude missile defense system.

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