Admiral’s sagacity

   stavridisOn Thursday the 5th of June, in the frame of a short visit in Greece, Admiral James Stavridis former SACEUR and active Dean of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy gave a lecture at the Karamanlis Foundation entitled Security in the 21st Century.

   He began his speech with the moto “Nobody can make it alone“, setting the tone for the message he wanted to convey to his audience, that the cornerstone of US foreign policy, will or must be the pursuit of goals and objectives through alliances and multinational joint ventures. My personal regard of the key points of the admittedly very focused. although multi-leveled, presentation:

  • More that ever we need allies and partnerships.
  • Education in all levels, is the key for long tern development. Walk before you can run.
  • India elections with 750 million voters, was an astonishing first-in-history event deriving through a direct line from ancient Greece’s democracy.
  • Cultural understanding passes also through  country’s literature reading. Read more and not only geopolitical staff!
  • The first major step of effective cooperation is the ability and the will to listed and to heed other’s point of view. First keep quiet and your ears open on what the other guy has to say.
  • Facebook and Twitter are included among the most populated “countries” in the World. In this respect the use of Social media to transmit ideas and opinions is of paramount importance. Don’t use facebook only for selfies!
  • Hard power /Sort Power is not On/Off switch but a rheostat. The right “mixture” of the two make up Smart Power. Keep handy the carrot AND the stick

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