Western Balkan’s «Iron» Ladies

zorana-mihajlovicThe countries of Western Balkans are known for many unfortunate events and regrettably, not famous for their progressive and “main stream” public image. Nevertheless, the “visibility” of female state-persons, in key decision-making public positions with impressive CVs, is interesting high.

In Albania, since 2013 at the helm of the ministry of defense is Mrs. Mimi Kodheli with a background in Public Administration and financial studies. Former Deputy Mayor or Tirana and a prominent member of Albanian Socialist Party, she was the choice of the reformist center-left PM Edi Rama.

In the government of our northwest neighbor, an other important ministry, that of European Integration is occupied by 31 year old Klajda Gjosha. The crucial role of this particular ministry lies on the fact that Albania has the status of potential candidate country, with the European integration high in the agenda of its PM.

The head of the self-proclaimed State of Kosovo is Ms Atifete Jahjaga. Having a legal background, she served in various positions in Law enforcement agencies, In 2011 she was elected President by the parliament replacing the Swiss-Kosovar tycoon Behgjet Pacolli who stepped down after only after 2 months into his term.

The position of the Deputy Prime Minister as well as the reins of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure in Serbia, holds Dr. Zorana Mihajlović (photo). With a notable academic career in Serbia she is also a prominent member of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party, in witch the position of vice president holds Jorgovanka Tabaković, the governor of Central Bank of Serbia!

Alenka Bratušek was the Prime Minister of Slovenia until the 5th of Mai 2014. A financial expert, Bratušek helped lead Slovenia away from the prospect of an international bailout in December by injecting 3 billion euros ($4.16 billion) into several of Slovenia’s banks.

Also Prime Minister, this time in the frame of one of the complex political systems in Europe, in Republika Srpska (RS) is Željka Cvijanović. RS is one of the two political entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the other being the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (sounds already confusing!)

Last but not least, is worth mentioning that the owner of the prominent Belgrade Football Club “Obilič” is the notorious Mrs.Svetlana Ražnatović, the turbo-pop star “Ceca”, widow of the also notorious paramilitary convicted leader Željko Ražnatović, called as “Arkan”

Let’s also not fail to remember, that those Western Balkans countries, belong or aspire to belong to a Europe, lead by Germany , whose Minister of Defense is Dr. Ursula von der Leyen.

Not bad for female integration. Not bad at all..

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